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Martin Sanchez: General Consul of Venezuela to Chicago, USA

By Aleksander Boyd

London 24.11.04 | Definitely folks my parents did wrong. Well not all fault can be attributed to them for they both passed away when I was quite young. It must be the DNA then, or the upbringing by my grandfather, who fought against Franco. Could be my other grandfather though, whose opposition to Omar Torrijos caused his early ‘emigration’ to the USA. Some things just disgust me. Reading the works of Jean Jacques Rousseau the other day, I came across this term: Misanthropy. Its suave meaning is defined as the dislike of humankind although hatred of mankind is also cited. Allegedly Rousseau sort of ‘had’ said condition.

Browsing around for the day’s laugh in the Venezuelan official propaganda web of internet sites, I bumped into an article in Aporrea entitled “Venezuelan Diplomats defended the Social Chart of the Americas in Chicago’s University, bastion of neoliberalism”. Just imagine my surprise when I got to see that my representative in Chicago is none other than Martin Sanchez, chief spinmeister at This callous individual, whose life oeuvre is limited to propagate the pariah’s tergiversations on the internet, is now a ‘diplomat’.

Misanthropy describes just fine my feelings at this moment. It’s utter revulsion, the sensation is sort of nauseating, similar to the one that one experiences towards paedophiles, who after raping a young child actually rejoice in cutting the little body to pieces. Thinking ahead I can clearly see that the next diplomatic appointment will be Eva Golinger for the office of permanent representation of Venezuela to the UN, for her startling job as über defender of Chavez before the evil empire.

A sidereal black hole is shallower than the one this shameless regime is carving and sinking our nation into. The sine qua non condition to go through the revolutionary ranks is to lie, but not ordinarily, as everyone of us has done on one occasion or another, no. I’m talking Hitler-type of lies; Castro’s way of spinning or Chavez’ method of fighting the oligarchy.

Warning to citizens of the world bumping into Venezuelas's diplomatic corps: please do not entertain the belief that said rabble is representative of our nation. They don't speak on my behalf, that's for certain.

Note added: it seems that the 'editorial board' of Venezuelanalysis felt the need to delete the name of Martin Sanchez from the "about us" page, due to the obvious conflict of interests of such a meteoric promotion of his to 'diplomat'. I didn't save a screenshot of the page, however Google has plenty of links to prove the point. Another 'independent' editorialising that spin outlet is the 'infallible' Eva Golinger. So much for her credibility, isn't it?

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