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Tax Fraudster Eva Golinger hides evidence

By Aleksander Boyd

London 07.03.05 | Last Friday I published the result of an investigation regarding the falsely claimed tax exempt status of Eva Golinger's not-for-profit NGO "Venezuela Solidarity Committee". It seems that Golinger, or colleague Jeremy Bigwood, have been busy trying to cover their tracks by way of removing said false claims from their website foolishly thinking, as ever, that those who have a constant watch on them are as mediocre as they are.

In the subpage of related to donations the following claim has been removed:

This site is funded by the Venezuela Solidarity Committee/National Venezuela Solidarity Network ("VSC"), a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing accurate information about social and political developments in Venezuela. The VSC is funded entirely by private donations. See above on how to donate.

The usage of false information to solicit funds from the public is a punishable offence in the UK. Furthermore to mislead the public by claiming that contributions or donations are tax exempt without having been granted such status by the Inland Revenue is quite a serious crime. One should not be surprised by Golinger's behaviour, after all this is not the first instance whereby her prevarications and lies have been exposed.

Knowing that Golinger would remove incriminatory claims from her site, I took the precaution of saving screenshots and subpages to further demonstrate the antics of Hugo Chavez's biggest apologist in the USA. The IRS and the US Department of Justice must investigate without further delay the activities of Golinger for chavistas ought to be taught that laws are to be respected by all.

Law abiding readers in the USA interested in denouncing Eva Golinger and/or Jeremy Bigwood can do so anonymously following this link.

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