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Guessing Venezuela's Hugo Chavez

By Aleksander Boyd

Educated in the army, founded a nationalistic leftist movement.

In a desperate attempt to seize power, organizes and commands a failed coup d'etat. The coup is controlled in few hours, is taken prisoner and is accused of having been acted cowardly during the coup.

In his first statement, after being arrested, he assumes all responsibility for said coup. In prison, he reaches the conclusion that the only feasible way to get hold of power is through democratic means.

The government owing to the apprehension of converting him in martyr liberates him. Once free, commences his political activities, presenting him with an image of authoritarianism and uses demagogic, patriotic and populist speeches.

The terrible economic situation of the country and the enormous inflation, which affect more deeply the middle and poor classes, work in his benefit receiving vast support from these social strata.

In need of great sums of money for his political campaign, changes his discourse and dresses elegantly, toning down his "avenger of the poor's image". He starts courting businessmen and industrialists, many of whom dreading that he will indeed get to power, fall in his trap and support him to continue the campaign.

With respect to safeguard his interests using violent means if necessary, decides to create a paramilitary force mainly formed by ex-army and thugs to whom he makes to swear a fidelity oath.

Alleging not being able to govern with the limited powers of the constitution, using the congress and the people calls for a referendum to grant him especial powers. Once this has been achieved, eliminates the congress acting from then on at his own will.

Can you guess who is this character?

You are wrong!! Is not Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez (although everything fits..), it was Adolf Hitler. What a coincidence!! Do you think the stories are similar or is Hugo Chavez imitating a model?

We know that Adolf Hitler possessed greater military powers and intelligence than Hugo Chavez, however the latter is sustained and supported by the same principles.

Will the killing of 6 million Venezuelans be necessary for those whom still support Chavez realize his true intentions?

Wake up citizens of the world!! The moment has arrived!!

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