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Speaking about Venezuela: who funds Venezuelanalysis?

By Dozthor Zurlent and Amy Dolego

Subject: Re: casa venezuela website

From: Amy []

Date: 21/03/2004 22:02

To: Bolivarianos Unidos []

Hello Dozthor, you were so kind to reply to my request and I wanted to respond by passing along the following web address that you might like to take a look at:

It has very interesting information regarding covert funding efforts by US interest groups and NGO's as it applies to Venezuela with posting of copies of actual documents received under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. You may already know about the existence of the website. It certainly gives good reason as to why the opposition groups are able to set up plenty of websites. Of course, it's not unlike what has been going on in Haiti.

I happen to believe it is critically important to be fully aware of efforts that remain "under the radar" as an adjunct, or more accurately, a cause of political upheaval in various countries in the region as well as the world at large. The more information we have, the better off we are and the better our decisions when we go to the polls. I hope you find the reading material informative.

Sorry to hear your website suffered economic woes. It was a great idea.

Best regards,


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From: Bolivarianos Unidos []

To: Amy []

Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2004 2:10 PM

Subject: RE: casa venezuela website

Hi Amy,

Thank you very much for your kind words. The Casa Venezuela group has stopped updating the web site due to different problems mainly economics. We do not have plans to update the site in the near future. I think that providing a window for a constructive dialogue was important but there seems to be little interest in supporting such an idea.

There is a web site that is supported by the Venezuelan government and you can find plenty of sites supporting the opposition everywhere.

Dozthor Zurlent

-----Original Message-----

From: Amy []

Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2004 9:17 AM


Subject: casa venezuela website

I find your website interesting as it gives english translation to news articles and offers a side of Venezuelan information not often seen in US based news reports. Are you still involved in updating this website? Much of the information on your website is quite dated and I am very interested in finding out what is happening in Venezuela, especially after the recent events in Haiti.

Thanks for your help.

Amy Dolego

Fairfield, CT, USA

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