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Venezuela's Chavez cancels UN trip, to visit border [revisited]

By Aleksander Boyd

London 20 Sep. 04 – Damn, George Bush has done it again! In spite of the good efforts made by lobbyists and Venezuela’s diplomatic representation in the US, he refused to meet with Hugo Chavez, pity… I guess Harry Belafonte, Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover and other sycophants who were supposed to meet with the Venezuelan Robin Hood during his visit to the big apple will have to settle for Eva Golinger’s rather fascinating stories on how a civic association was to oust the strongman governing the fifth largest oil producing nation of the planet with 54K of American tax payer money.

Reuters quotes today our misinformation minister Andres Izarra, excusing his boss owing to a mechanical failure in one of the turbines of a spanking new Airbus, bought not long ago for $60 million. If I were Chavez, I would be instructing my international jurists to sue Airbus’ ass!! The official version goes as follows:

Razones de orden técnico, cuando el avión presidencial se disponía a salir del Aeropuerto Internacional de Maiquetía, obligaron a abortar el despegue de la aeronave. Debido una falla en el motor de arranque de la turbina izquierda del avión presidencial, la cual no podía ser reparada a tiempo para que el Ciudadano Presidente llegara a la actividad pautada con el presidente Lula para hoy, 20 de septiembre del 2004, a las 2 p.m. (hora local de Venezuela), se decidió suspender el viaje. La asistencia del presidente Chávez a esta reunión, era el motivo central de su visita a Nueva York.

Begging your excuses, I can not translate such nonsense.

Jokes aside, Chavez suspended the trip for strategic reasons. He is on his way to the Venezuela-Colombia border to have a chat with the right wing paramilitaries that killed 6 soldiers and a PDVSA employee recently. Minister Garcia Carneiro on the other hand promised that those guilty will be brought to justice. I guess I am going to have to take him up on his word and remind him, in a month time when the international media focuses somewhere else, where are the detainees.

With respect to Andres Izarra’s comments I would love to see the log book of the workshop and Airbus’ turbine specialists that are going to fix the problem.

I was in need of a laugh yesterday so I spent sometime reading Venpres and the findings, oh my god! Well I will leave you to it and do remember that this comes from the horse’s mouth:

Caracas, 19 Sep. Venpres.- "La calidad no puede estar reñida con la revolución, exijo máximo seguimiento a los planes y decisiones que se tomen porque ese es el peor enemigo que tenemos compañeros, no es la coordinadora. El peor enemigo está dentro; somos nosotros mismos y nuestras incapacidades". Así lo expresó el presidente de la república, Hugo Chávez Frías al lamentar con pesar lo sucedido con el proyecto de refacción de El Silencio, el cual a pesar de haber sido aprobado hace poco más de tres años y asignárseles cerca de 8 mil millones de bolívares, aún hoy no se ha ejecutado ningún trabajo.

Again, words fail me…

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