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Venezuela: Roy Carson's terrorist claim

By Aleksander Boyd

London 05.12.04 | I do not read nor buy English tabloids for I believe there is nothing in there that could be construed as reliable information. By the same token, I do not take seriously any news originating in the Chavez’ web of ‘information’. Roy Carson is the editor of one such ‘information source’ called His flawed news reporting is legendary. As the accusations he is publishing on his website are quite serious I shall address them properly.

Only two days ago Met commissioner Sir John Stevens expressed, with respect to the household protection against burglars of ordinary citizens, "I'm not talking about guns but people being allowed to defend themselves and use whatever is necessary to defend themselves against someone who may well be armed with a knife." Hence the protection of one’s life, family and home, should be allowed by the use of “…whatever means necessary…” according to the highest police chief of Britain.

By no means criminal activities in Britain can be compared with those in my country, i.e. Venezuela and equally British law enforcement agencies can not be contrasted to Venezuelan ones. I have seen people in this country accusing in direct and frontal fashion the Prime Minister Tony Blair. I have seen people in Speaker’s Corner utter all sorts of pejorative remarks and insults against the current administration, the monarchy and every imaginable constituted power. I have seen the tabloids publishing incredibly libellous stories and articles, almost on a daily basis. None of these elements of society have been accused of terrorism for exercising their right to express themselves, for in this country freedom of expression is one of the fundamental liberties.

The constitution written and approved in illegal fashion in 1999 by the chavista majority in the National Constituent Assembly, provides for the following:

Article 333: This Constitution shall not cease to be in effect if it ceases to be observed due to acts of force or because or repeal in any manner other than as provided for herein. In such eventuality, every citizen, whether or not vested with official authority, has a duty to assist in bringing it back into actual effect.

Article 350: The people of Venezuela, true to their republican tradition and their struggle for independence, peace and freedom, shall disown any regime, legislation or authority that violates democratic values, principles and guarantees or encroaches upon human rights.

Thus I, as a Venezuelan citizen, have “…a duty to assist in bringing the constitution back into actual effect” and I also have a constitutional right “…to disown any regime, legislation or authority that violates democratic values, principles and guarantees or encroaches upon human rights”. Quite obviously Carson, and his masters, have decided to disregard what they have approved. Furthermore the Chavez neofascist regime is actively pursuing an agenda of intimidation of dissenters that include political assassinations, torture, forced disappearances, extra judicial killings and sheer violations to the International Human Rights Declaration.

There is not a shred of doubt in my mind as to the nature of Hugo Chavez and his regime. I do not see him as the president of my country but rather as a criminal hell bent in destroying it. I do not hold any respect whatsoever for him or the institutions that at this moment govern my country. I could not care less whether or not he, or any of his advocates, accuse me of being a terrorist. As a matter of fact, it makes proud, that these rabble consider me a terrorist for it means that my activities are considered somewhat a nuissance to them, hence the need to silence me.

Well Roy Carson, pay attention to what I have to say to you and the rest of the gang:

Please bring forth the charges. Please I beg you to notify about my ‘terrorist activities’ all relevant authorities all the way to the MI6 if you wish. As you also reside in Britain, pick the court. It will be a pleasure to face you and your team in a place where judges can not be bossed around. Furthermore I can use to my advantage the added publicity that certainly such a ludicrous case will bring to inform the whole world about the ‘democratic experiment’ that your boss is trying to implement IN MY COUNTRY.

Bring it on Roy, the ball is in your court.

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