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Venezuela: information & pictures readers won't find in official media

By Aleksander Boyd

London 09.12.04 | On Monday, that terrorist thug governing Venezuela -a.k.a. Hugo Chavez- gave the definite seal of approval to the law muzzling the media. From now on information or pictures depicting violence can not be broadcast before 11PM, for it can damage permanently the children's psyche. On another sphere of the human drama evolving in the country, the street vendors, that have pretty much confiscated all sidewalks of downtown Caracas, were to be removed by the Caracas police, law enforcement agency controlled by Freddy Bernal, a notorious chavista yes-man. The following set of pictures were kindly sent by a reader. In them one can see how inventiveness is used by the street vendors to repel the attacks of the police -by way of using fireworks as ammunition. Another interesting aspect is that only in August last year, when I visited Caracas the last time, I could see vary many signs in a chavista rally in Avenida Bolivar that read "Buhoneros con Chavez", street vendors support Chavez. This is how a 'democratic president' rettributes. 25 people have been wounded, 12 of which by firearms. Rabble rouser Lina Ron condemned the events quickly, placing the blame in opposition actor Bandera Roja. Long live the revolution!!

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