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Half a million there, half a million here in Venezuela’s robolucion

By Miguel Octavio

23.12.04 | City councilman Carlos Herrera in today’s El Nacional accuses lawyer Socrates Tinaco of stealing a billion bolivars from Danilo Anderson’ apartment. Herrera says Socrates distributed this cash among some workers of the Attorney General’s office. He also says they took other property from Anderson’s home.

Now, what I would like to understand is how Herrera finds it perfectly natural that Prosecutor Anderson had some US$ 520,000 at home. How can he even say that those that took the money should be charged for theft? How can he even suggest that Anderson’s house was “dry” of money after four days? Can he explain why there was so much cash at Anderson’s home? Can he explain where he got it from? Are these numbers just the usual in the “robolucion”? Were Bermudez’ $37,000 just small change?

Herrera once again blames bankers for Anderson’s death, makes the Vice-President responsible for his safety and says that on Monday he was going to be taken away by the investigative police and a grenade was going to be planted on him, but his call to Globovision stopped the plan.

Understand, this guy is pro-Government, not opposition. Try figuring that one out!

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