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A positive outlook of Venezuela's future

By Aleksander Boyd

London 22.01.05 | Wheels are in motion, cat’s out and shit has hit the fan big time. The stench, emanating from Caracas, can be felt here, in my London W1 cushy pad. A series of seemingly disconnected events have thrust unprecedented levels of criticism upon the Venezuelan ‘president’, which added to the evidence surfaced in each of the instances leave no room for doubt or confusion with respect to the credentials of Hugo Chavez. Allow me to enumerate them:

1) Rodrigo Granda, wanted FARC terrorist, is captured in the streets of Caracas. Granda took active part in the Bolivarian congress hosted, organized and sponsored by the Venezuelan regime, in which, at least 41 FARC guerrilla members, participated according to an intercepted VHF communication between FARC leaders Juan Santrich and Jorge Tivieras.

2) It turns out that Granda was naturalized Venezuelan by the Chavez’ regime.

3) Granda’s wife and daughter entered Venezuela with courtesy visas issued in Havana. Upon arrival they were detained in Maiquetia airport. A police commission, led by Granda, picked them up from the airport after former Interior Minister Rodriguez Chacin ordered immigration authorities to grant leave of stay.

4) Granda had lived in Venezuela for a number of years.

5) Granda’s personal agenda contains names and telephone numbers of high Venezuelan government officials according to the Financial Times.

6) Granda’s daughter worked in 2003 and 2004 in the International Relations Department of the Libertador Municipality of Caracas for pro-Chavez major Freddy Bernal.

7) Oscar Pérez has denounced that Nicolás Rodríguez Bautista, a.k.a. Comandante Gabino [leader of Colombia’s National Liberation Army (ELN)], was granted Venezuelan citizenship on 2004.

8) The government of Alvaro Uribe presented Venezuela, for the fourth time, a list of wanted terrorists who appear to be living in Venezuela.

9) Five (5) former presidents of Colombia have supported the manner in which President Alvaro Uribe has managed the spat with Venezuela.

10) Spanish premier Zapatero decided to cancel his visit to Hugo Chavez. In the meanwhile Spanish Senators branded the Chavez government as a "covert dictatorship".

11) Antauro Humala, leader of the "Ethnocacerista" movement in Peru, who led an uprising on Jan. 1 against Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo, received aid from Hugo Chavez, according to former girlfriend Nora Bruce.

12) Recently appointed US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice refers to Chavez as “very deeply troubling”, who governs the country in “illiberal” manner.

Why positive?

For it has revealed the true Hugo Chavez; hypocrite, pathological liar and buddy of guerrilla narcoterrorist. Add to the evidence his violent past, the infatuation with the worse dictator of the Americas, read fidel Castro, his touchy-feely reaction with respect to the capture of a criminal and one ends up with a real picture of Venezuela's president. Is there, out in the open for everyone to see. It is with the aforesaid benchmark in mind that Chavez has to be seen. The 'veil' has fallen!!

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