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Supporter of Hugo Chavez, anti-Jewish and 'homophobic'? Must be Ken Livingstone!

By Aleksander Boyd

London 10.02.05 | Not long ago our mayor Ken Livingstone considered fitting to lend his 'credibility' and signature to a letter penned by a Tariq Ali entitled "If We Were Venezuelans...We Would Vote for Hugo Chavez". Said manifesto prompted me to call to Mayor's Livingstone office to express my concern and I also took the pain of sending him an email that to this day remains unanswered.

Ken Livingstone is the typical socially resented, double-faced, backward thinking, anti-establishment, anti-semitic, homophobic, extreme-left-radical Labour figure that one would encounter in a European political setting. His siding with Hugo Chavez demonstrates just that. Curiously he has the support of another such creature and prominent representative of Hugo Chavez in the House of Commons, MP John McDonnell.

Quite obviously these two politicians, just like Hugo Chavez, have totally forgotten that holding public office carries a certain degree of responsibility and decorum. The latest faux pas of Mayor Livingstone has been to make anti-semitic remarks against a Jewish journalist. To Livingstone great misfortune, he's as clumsy as his Venezuelan folk hero, Evening Standardís Oliver Finegold recorded the Mayor's remarks and the tape has been released to the media here in London.

Other infamous comments of Livingstone can be read here and here. All in all, I do not doubt for one minute that Ken Livingstone and Hugo Chavez share the same political and life principles; most certainly Livingstone would have voted for Chavez in the recall referendum, just like FARC leader Rodrigo Granda did...

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