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Breaking News Venezuela: PDVSA will fill accounts with SEC in June

By Aleksander Boyd

London 24.05.05 | Luis Brito Garcia, a known chavista 'intelectual', said something a while ago in a conference in the University of Frankfurt that actually baffled me: "when a media outlet loses its credibility it loses everything". Said phrase was, of course, pronounced by Brito to hammer Venezuelan media. The Q & A session came and I adventured to ask him whether that maxim could be applied to politicians to which he did not reply. The credibility of the Chavez regime and all of its officials is, after six years of lies and deceit, somewhere deep in the lower mantle. Time and again officials have affirmed, in unequivocal terms, that they would do x, y or z only to fail to deliver over and over again. Their catalogue of lies has been documented to a certain extent.

Therefore this time round, in regards to the accounts that were meant to be filled with the Security and Exchange Commission two years ago and will be delivered sometime in June this year, one can expect PDVSA's president Rafael Ramirez to have offered yet another 'promise' that will not be kept, the intention being to deviate attention from the state of sheer chaos and anarchy in which PDVSA founds itself in at this moment. Ramirez also announced that in six months time PDVSA will be producing 3.5 MBD, from the present output guestimated at 1.4 MPD. Since London bookies aren't taking any bets on the SEC fillings by PDVSA in June I challenge any chavista apologist to get in touch in order to arrange for a private bet; what's more I put this site as my offer, should PDVSA deliver I will cede it to the winner.

On another note I must confess my discontentment towards Google News for it has become the most efficient tool of the Cuban-Venezuelan inanity propagating machine. It is simply disgusting to see how they have seized the otherwise very democratic and leveled news section to peddle incessantly political propaganda. Should one base one's understanding of the current situation in Venezuela upon the 'news' posted in the relevant section today it would look as if the only important issue taking place in the country is the extradition from the USA of Posada Carriles. One must wonder why the Venezuelan and Cuban 'news sources' did not make such a stink when FARC terrorist Rodrigo Granda was captured whilst living comfortably in Venezuela.

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