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Venezuela: The “twins" [morochas] are unconstitutional

By Teodoro Petkoff | Tal Cual

06.08.05 | Translation and note by Miguel Octavio. With the elections so close, here is another trick being used by Chavismo to abuse the law and the electoral system, with the collaboration of what should be an independent power, the Electoral Board, as told by Tal Cual's Editor Teodoro Petkoff.

The "twins" are unconstitutional

After some grandstanding on the part of CNE Director Jorge Rodriguez, with which he pretended to show how tough he is, alleging that if the “party” UVE does not present the documentation his pulse would not tremble in not approving its legality, with which Chavez’ MVR would have lost it twin, the CNE- did anyone doubt it or believe its president?- consecrated the validity of that national party. With this the Electoral organization has made itself the accomplice of this illegal trick which is to validate that mechanism for cheating called “the twins”. It is the CNE’s job to enforce the constitutional principle of proportional representation of political parties and other electoral organizations in elected bodies, according to the votes they obtain. The CNE has distorted this mandate of the Constitution when it “legalized” a clone of Chavez’ MVR, which will allow it to thwart that principle, when it allows that it splits into two and to those elected by list add those elected directly from UVE, as if this was a different party. This mockery, the unconstitutionality of which is evident, MVR and its twin will be able to obtain up to double the number of councilmen that would correspond to them according to the proportion of their votes. Chavismo will be overrepresented and its adversaries underrepresented.

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