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The militaristic nature of the Chavez regime

By Aleksander Boyd

London 26.01.06 | The following is a list of some military officers holding civilian jobs in Venezuela's executive, legislative and other institutions. Just to clarify possible misunderstandings regarding the 'democratic and socialist' nature of the Chavez regime. The list is not comprehensive. Up to 87 members of the army were/are part of the administration according to this report.


1. Lieutenant Jesse Chacon, Minister of Interior and Justice

2. General Jorge Luis Garcia Carneiro, Minister of Defence

3. Colonel Ramon Carrizalez, Minister of Infrastructure

4. Lieutenant Colonel Wilmar Castro Soteldo, Minister of Comerce and Production

5. General Jose Rafael Oropeza, Minister of Feeding (Alimentación)

6. Captain Edgar Hernandez Behrens, State Minister for Development Financing, President of BANDES

Deputies to the National Assembly*

7. Mayor Francisco Ameliach, MVR Deputy for Carabobo

8. Captain Pedro Carreño, MVR Deputy for Barinas

9. Colonel Jesus Santiago de León, MVR Deputy for Barinas

10. Captain Victor Hugo Morales, MVR Deputy for Miranda

11. Lieutenant Nestor León Heredia, MVR Deputy for Yaracuy

12. Mayor Edis Alfonso Rios, MVR Deputy for Zulia

13. Captain Jesus Garcia Rojas, MVR (substitute) Deputy for Zulia


14. Captain Jesus Aguilarte, Apure state

15. General Francisco Rangel Gomez, Bolivar state

16. General Luis Felipe Acosta Carles, Carabobo state

17. Lieutenant Colonel Johnny Yánez Rangel, Cojedes state

18. Lieutenant Colonel Luis Reyes Reyes, Lara state

19. Captain Florencio Porras, Merida state

20. Lieutenant Diosdado Cabello, Miranda state

21. Captain Ronald Blanco La Cruz, Tachira state

22. Mayor Antonio Rodriguez, Vargas state

Ministerial Departments

Interior and Justice Ministry:

23. General Alcides Rondon Diaz, Vice Minister of Citizen Safety

24. Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Jose Rivero, National Directorate of Civil Protection and Disaster Administration (?)

Infrastructure Ministry

25. Mayor Francisco Javier Centeno, Director of the National Institute of Transit and Transport

26. Colonel Cesar Augusto Torres Chavez, Director of Transit (El Llanito office)

27. Colonel Orlando Rivero Bastidas, Director of the Regional Coordination Center in Portuguesa state

Foreign Office

28. General Arevalo Mendez, Vice Minister of Foreign Office

Minister of Health and Social Development

29. Captain Gilberto Perez Arteaga, Vargas state Directorate of Health

30. Captain Victor Gil Contreras, Tachira state Health Corporation

Finance Ministry

31. Lieutenant Carmen Teresa de Maniglia, Chief of National Treasury Office

32. General Alejandro Montes Estrada, Vice Minister of Regulation and Control

33. General Alfredo Ramon Pardo, National Budget Office

Environment and Natural Resources Ministry

34. Lieutenant Colonel Jaime Tortolero, Integral Security Directorate

35. General Romer Joaquin Mena Nava, President of Venezuela's Geographic Institute Simon Bolivar

36. Captain Norberto Diaz Garcia, Director of the National Hydraulic Laboratory

37. Colonel Guillermo Banchs Hernandez, President of the National Reforestation Co.

38. Colonel Jacinto Colmenares, Hydro-Southwest

39. Lieutenant Colonel Tirso Carballo, Technical Director of VENHEMET

National Electoral Council

40. General Ramon Santeliz, General Director of Assembling

Supreme Court of Justice

41. Colonel Eladio Aponte Aponte, Magistrate of the Penal Division

Independent institutes and other offices

42. Captain Jose Vielma Mora, Director of SENIAT (Venezuela's Inland Revenue)

43. Colonel Carlos Martin Peñalosa, General Administration Manager

44. Mayor Marcos Porras Sanchez, Infrastructure and Services Division

45. Colonel Noel Martinez Rivero, Custom and Excise Investigation Office

46. Colonel Helmenas Liscano, Customs San Antonio del Tachira Office


47. Colonel Dester Rodriguez, Internal Director

DISIP (Political Police

48. General Miguel Rodriguez Torres, Director

National Civil Aviation Institute

49. Colonel Giusappe Yofreda, Director

FONTUR (National Urban Transport Fund)

50. Mayor Luis Fernando Alvarez, Fleet Manager

COMDIBAR (Development of Barquisimeto Industrial Areas)

51. General Rafael Medina Abarca, Representative

MERCABAR (Food Wholeseller's Market of Barquisimeto)

53. Colonel Marcos Paz Sandrea

INAGER (Geriatric Institute)

54. Mayor Pedro Miguel Arroyo

CADIVI (Forex Office)

55. Lieutenant Colonel Leander Ayalon, board member

INTI (Land Institute)

56. Captain Eliezer Otaiza, Director**

MERCAL (subsidised food outlets

57. Mayor Luis Alberto Medina, Board member

Army officials in diplomatic posts


58. General Julio Garcia Montoya, Ambassador

59. Rear Admiral Jose Gilberto Quintero, Consul in Belem do Para

60. General Jorge Luis Duran Centeno, Consul in Sao Paulo


61. General Jose E. Osorio Garcia, Ambassador


62. General Carlos Santiago Ramirez, Ambassador

63. Colonel Raul Bolivar Blanco, Consul in Arauca


64. Colonel Victor Eloy Delgado Monsalve, Ambassador


65. Mayor Oscar Navas, Ambassador


66. Mayor Antonio Hernandez Borgo, Consul in Miami

Dominican Republic

67. General Belisario Landis


68. General Angel Machado Almeida, Ambassador


69. General Noel Martinez Ochoa, Ambassador


70. Colonel Cesar Osvelio Mendez, Consul in Frankfurt

Czech Republic

71. Colonel Jose Alberto Gomez, Ambassador


72. Vice Admiral Jose Miguel Sierraalta Zavarce, Ambassador

UN Geneva

73. Vice Admiral Bernabe Carrero Cuberos, Representative

*As of December 2005

**Due to an accident, whilst drunk, Otaiza has not returned to his job.

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