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Members of The AngloVenezuelan Connection unite!!

By Aleksander Boyd

London 10.03.06 | First of all I must thank Miguel Octavio for having coined so brilliantly our operation; TAC that stands for The AngloVenezuelan Connection. Imagine, from the solitude of my keyboard I have been able to enlist a multifarious, somewhat powerful and rather numerous group of people from around the globe into my organization against Fidelito. As I have stated elsewhere, I am a bloody genious. Chavistas and assorted apologists have accused me of all sorts of things. The range of accusations is quite varied, and it would be hillarious if not tragically representative of the people who govern my country, and its international associates. In their view I have not only George Bush under my thumb, but Hugo Chavez coincides with me in some respects. Now please name another individual able to get those two behind his/herself. But the buck does not stop there. Glenn Reynolds from Instapundit is also part of the conspiracy and so are; Barcepundit, Publiuspundit, Babalu Blog, Noticiero Digital, Pajamas Media, Globovision, Luis De Lion, Iruña Urruticoechea, Alex Beech, Francisco Toro, Miguel Octavio, Daniel Duquenal, Venezuela-US topics, Gustavo Coronel, The Miami Herald, Canadian bloggers, Venezuela Today... The list is growing, its members omnipresent. How will Chavez counter me? Can anyone imagine what I could do for Venezuelan, or regional, democracy if I had the financial muscle and resources that Chavez have got?

There is one thing positive about this, apart from the self inflicted damage to Chavez favourite pollster, and that is that the regime apparatchiks and security apparatus, admittedly, know very little about me, hence rendering mudslinging and defamation tactics useless. They've got nothing on yours truly. Ah the bliss... Chavez must be thinking "what's Jose Vicente Rangel good for, if not to blackmail political opponents for past misdeeds?" It is an honour to have reached public enemy status for the Castroite pseudo revolution. A day of celebration at the nowhere-to-be-found TAC HQs!

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