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Peru's President Elect: “The only one who was defeated today is Hugo Chavez”

By Aleksander Boyd

London 05.06.06 | The good news keep coming. Alan Garcia managed to defeat Hugo Chavez and sidekick Ollanta Humala in Peru's presidential race. After 77.33% of valid votes scrutinized, Garcia has 55.49% of the vote. Humala has already accepted results, in spite of the late desperate attempt by the chavista camp in publishing exit polls, showing reverse results as done with the recall referendum in Venezuela, conducted by none other than Hugo Chavez's favourite fake pollster 'North American Opinion Research.'

Peruvians gave yesterday a lesson to the caudillo and the campaign rhetoric of President Elect was the most appropriate one under the circumstances. “The only one who was defeated today is Hugo Chavez” said Alan Garcia. Truer words had probably never been uttered by Garcia who also stated "the only one who was defeated has no Peruvian ID, is that who wanted to pull us from the nose ring with his black money, but democracy of the Peruvian people has said no. In Peru we are tired of bullies and militarism."

Hence in two weeks Hugo Chavez's revolutionary expansion plan has suffered two major setbacks; one in Colombia and one in Peru. Morales will continue to do as he's told but surely the democratic forces within Bolivia will take care of him sooner rather than later, for as he admitted the other day the refounding of the State, read the National Constituent Assembly that shall dissolve all elected powers and institutions, is still one year away. Lula, heretofore Chavez's greatest regional ally, is upset at him to the point of letting his views known in public. For one thing is comradeship or militancy amongst radical friends and an entirely different matter is to use Bolivia's gas resources to threaten Brazil's economy.

Ergo it is fair to say that Chavez's continental plan is doomed, which means that Venezuelans stand to pay the consequences of the resulting frustration.

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