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China does Hugo Chavez

By Aleksander Boyd

London 25.08.06 | Venezuela's Mussolini is touring China. The trip, or more precisely the spending binge, has resulted in the likeliness of our country losing vast amounts of money. The purpose however is rather clear: the caudillo wants to enlist China in the roster of pariah states that will lend support to Venezuela's bid to a seat in the UN's Security Council.

In order to attain this objective Chavez has compromised the price of oil sold to China. Apart from that he has pledged to purchase 18 tankers and oil rigs. That is to say his visit is a most profitable one for China, not for Venezuela.

The Chinese have of course realised little Hugo's soft spot: he wants to seat in UN's Security Council meetings and harangue world leaders for hours on end as he does with his halfwit ministers in his weekly shows. And surely the Chinese will milk it for all it's worth.

Some media outlets are reporting this morning that "Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Thursday that China has endorsed his nation's bid to win a seat on the United Nations Security Council" (sic, bold added). Quite right. Hugo Chavez has said, not a peep from Chinese officials. Chavez has also said that the USA was ready to invade, which is a lie; Chavez has also said that his country was free from illiteracy, which is a lie; Chavez has also said that poverty in Venezuela has decreased under his tenure, which is a lie; Chavez has also said that a pipeline to Argentina will be built, which is a lie; Chavez has also said that PDVSA is producing 3.3 MBD, which is a lie; readers get the drift...

Let us look at the USA-China trading figures, shall we? The USA exported goods worth $41,925.3 millions and imported $243,470.1 millions (2005 numbers). On the other hand the USA exported to Venezuela $6,420.9 millions and imported $33,978.1 millions -mostly oil- (2005 figures).

Little Hugo thinks that the Chinese have a communist orientation and approach to business. It is not commercial interests what drives foreign policies of nations in his infantile and provincial world, but rather 'revolutionary principles.' That is to say Chavez seems convinced that China will alienate its biggest trading partner over 18 tankers, some 150.000 BPD of un-refinable oil and few bits and pieces.

The sad part of this is that needed Venezuelan resources are pilfered due to Huguito's mental wanks.

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