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Caracas throws its weight behind Manuel Rosales

By Aleksander Boyd

Caracas 07.10.06 | Just got back from the rally folks and believe you me it was huge. But before anything else let me start by saying that I was in a privileged position and as such what follows is an example of what the official TV channel, Venezolana de Television (VTV), ought to be doing instead of spreading lies and propaganda. It is hard to imagine who are they trying to dupe having seen, filmed and recorded -helicopter and all- the whole thing, but in any case I will happily engage in what I do best, which is to debunk the bullshit coming from the Chavez regime and set the record straight.

I was in a makeshift platform some 8 meters above the stage from where Rosales was going to address the crowd. To my right there was the camera of Globovision. To my left the one that was sending images to VTV. Pay special attention to the size of the crowd behind me and the angle of the camera on my left. This picture was taken well before Rosales started talking.

The reporter from VTV was on stage too -note how close he was to Rosales- could it be possible that he was seeing something different? When was the last time the caudillo allowed a reporter critical of his regime to get so close? Instead of doing what journalists are meant to do this chap, together with the cameraman, were filming Rosales from above -same angle as mine- focusing on notes that he had and criticising him for drinking gatorade. Needless to say that they refused to report accurately what was truly going on:

Last I saw a march this size the mood was somewhat sad. Not today though for Caraqueños came out in full force with a party-like attitude so I guess at this hour a group of people must be getting a bitching from one deranged fellow that believes that he is the only one capable of 'governing' this country. The regime had a rally planned for tomorrow in Avenida Bolivar, which is not far from where we were. The idea was to measure forces and crowds, however for some reason -could it be the size of Rosales' rally?- they have just decided to cancel the gig and postpone it for next Sunday. I guess the regime just can't materialise thousands of people on the streets of Caracas any longer...

Update @ 8:10pm: I have just been informed that Hugo has decided to have his march tomorrow. People are already concentrating in Puente Llaguno.

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