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Hey Chavez: grab your petrodollars and dare replicate this!

By Aleksander Boyd

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Caracas 21.11.06 | Quite frankly the discussion about polls pisses me off. It does so for a number of reason but the more important one, for me at least, has to do with the divorce between the millions of Venezuelans showing up in Rosales' rallies across the country and the numbers published. I must admit that I have a tough time trying to reconcile the two for, on the one hand, I have witnessed first hand the rallies and, on the second, I have read every poll published to date and it seems pretty clear to me that the latter does not do justice to the former. Am I biased? Of course I am, however pictures of crowds are there for all to see, even for the militaristic caudillo's propagandists pollsters and media types. So which is it? What does one trust more polls or pictures, answers to questions written on a piece of paper or number of individuals on the streets of Venezuela?

In my opinion Rosales' communication strategy is lacking; he should practice his campaign motto and dare, but more. For instance, since Chavez, ever the coward, won't accept to debate with him in front of Venezuela Rosales should challenge the incumbent to replicate what he does on a weekly basis. In other words it could go like this: "Hey Hugo, since you're the embodiment of Bolivar-Castro-Guevara, why don't you take your petrodollars and your alleged 60% support and fill some venues in Venezuela for a change? Why is it that you can't summon more than a few thousands anymore? Why don't you allow TV cameras from non-state media networks in your rallies? You chicken shit, have you got the people with you? Show it as I do!"

Of course one only has an impact in one's sphere of influence. Since I know for a fact that Chavez's apologists read this site on a daily basis I can certainly challenge them to produce a similar set of pictures of Chavez's rallies, considering that the last set of pictures were taken last week between Wednesday and Sunday. Put up or shut the f... up!

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