Ken Livingstone fails to register Venezuela Information Centre interest

By Aleksander Boyd

London 030208 | As 1 May approaches Londoners have been given a rare treat by some newspapers: the turpitude of fundamentalists-loving, terrorists-supporter, unaccountable Mayor Ken Livingstone is being exposed in some newspapers, in a commendable attempt to educate people about his activities. Some will say that this, coming from someone who was once accused by Livingstone of being a 'supporter of terrorism against the Venezuelan government' is nothing but sour grapes. However time is just such a wonderful thing to have on one's side. Especially when individuals, worthy of Livingstone's admiration and support, admit very publicly indeed, that the 'Bolivarian proyect' of the narcoterrorist group FARC is not only respected but will be given recognition and legitimacy in Venezuela. In such instances one can only feel vindicated and expect that Londoners will be able to see through the farcical mayor and its alleged democratic credentials.

A while ago Livingstone, in his role as president of the Venezuela Information Centre (VIC), stated "I welcome this opportunity to work with the Venezuela Information Centre to continue to raise the profile of what is happening in Venezuela." The VIC is a propaganda outlet operated by GLA staff out of City Hall presumably at London's taxpayers' expense. However Livingstone did not think relevant to register this interest of his. Section 1(a) of the Explanation of Register Categories reads: Any job or business (other than being the Mayor, an Assembly Member or an Independent Member of the GLA Standards Committee) carried out by the Member.

So the question becomes: in light of Livingstone's work, coupled with GLA's involvement, in "raising the profile of what is happening in Venezuela" should Londoners assume that such work has been done on a pro bono basis, or is part of the multi million dolar oil deal signed between representatives of Hugo Chavez, Ken Livingstone and TfL's Peter Handy to pay for such work? Further, what was the cost to taxpayers of legal fees paid to Berrymans Lace Mawer incurred by Livingstone when I presented a claim for defamation?