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Ex-pat Venezuelans will sign in 120 cities Worldwide

Venezuelans will gather signatures to denounce the violation of their constitutional rights before Venezuelan and international organizations.

The Venezuelan ex-pat community will support the recall referendum process in their motherland and -by signing up- they will give proof of the will of the Venezuelan people to reach an electoral and peaceful solution to the political crisis that the nation currently faces.

The coordinators of the signature collection process around the world will follow the guidelines established by the National Electoral Council to carry out this procedure in Venezuela.

All attendees will be required to show their laminated identification cards or Venezuelan passports at the signature collection centres. Participants will bring along a print out of their electoral information and will be able to go directly to the verification point, thus avoiding unnecessary delays in the activity.

The signature drive scheduled for November 28 to December 1, will constitute an excellent opportunity for the Venezuelan community residing overseas to exercise their democratic disposition before the world.

The signatures collected will accompany a formal complaint to be introduced before Venezuelan and international institutions.


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