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Venezuela: Open Letter to Amnesty International

By Aleksander Boyd

Dear Amnesty International Team,

I must confess that yesterday's press release in regards to Venezuela came as a shock, being as I am, director of an NGO claiming nothing but justice and respect for human rights liberties. Many of you know that I have been preoccupied with the allegations made by Mr Tackaberry, however I have to extend my utmost gratitude for having expressed in such a clear way the organization's view about the recent declarations of Hugo Chavez.

Amnesty has put a smile on very many Venezuelan faces today for such stance is what we have been expecting all along. It is widely known by now that President Chavez is not a person who holds in high esteem the Rule of Law. Dark clouds come our way [recall referendum] and Venezuela's people expectation is none other than to count with the vigilance of the international community and human rights defenders to prevent Chavez from blowing the democratic candle.

Thank you so much.


Aleksander Boyd, a grateful Venezuelan

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