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Venezuela: 2 dead and 21 injured in yesterday’s protest

By Aleksander Boyd

London 28 Feb. 04 – Mayor Alfredo Peña reported that during the violent events that took place yesterday in Venezuela people were killed and 21 were wounded. The names of the victims are Alberto Umatre (65 years old) and Juan Carlos Sojo (25 years old).

Article 68 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reads:

Citizens have the right to demonstrate, peacefully and without weapons, subject only to such requirements as may be established by law. The use of firearms and toxic substances to control peaceful demonstrations is prohibited. The activity of police and security corps in maintaining public order shall be regulated by law.

However the instructions given to the army were obviously unconstitutional if the film contained in Reuters page is to be given consideration. Yet again the regime of Hugo Chavez causes the unnecessary death of innocents. Yet again it laughs at human rights and disrespects the Rule of Law.

Nonetheless the Revolution is being televised for the whole world to see, no editing or tampering of facts, perhaps the Irish filmmakers are rushing to the airport to catch a flight to Venezuela to ‘reveal’ the absolute chavista truth…

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