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Venezuela: Carter Center and OAS say there were enough signatures for recall vote

By Miguel Octavio

The Carter Center and the OAS said that they had participated in the process and check if it was transparent and followed the norms. They said the process had sufficient controls and checks, witnesses and observers. They disagree with the criteria of not including those forms which have the same handwriting but not the same signature. They said that they saw that in the signing process when the signatures were being collected, people at the poll booths aided those signing, filling the data and that they believed the CNE should have given the benefit of the doubt to the people.

Usually, the OAS and the Carter Center are fairly diplomatic, this is very strong criticism of the CNE and the process by two institutions that participated and observed the process and are both saying that the signatures are there and the CNE was not transparent. If you add the forms with the same handwriting the total exceeds the signatures needed by three hundred thousand. I would like anyone to defend this as being a “fair” process.

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