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Breaking News from Venezuela

By Sol Maria Castro,

Caracas, March 11: The Constitutional Chamber of the Venezuelan Supreme Court ordered the Electoral Chamber this afternoon NOT to make any ruling on matters related to the National Electoral Council, (CNE) and the recall referendum. The decision was made by three justices, which violated the court’s norms requiring at least four justices to make valid rulings.

It is the first time in Venezuela's judiciary history that a chamber prohibits another chamber from ruling on the matters that it oversees.

This decision may explain the secret meeting which took place last week between CNE president Francisco Carrasquero and Justice Iván Rincón, president of the Constitutional Chamber and the Supreme Court, since the CNE heard of the decision before the Electoral Chamber justices.

The Constitutional Chamber is now expected to stand by the CNE’s decision to set aside a portion of the opposition-collected signatures for further investigation.

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