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Breaking news from Venezuela: Minister of Information and Communication Resigns

By Sol Maria Castro,

On Monday night, the Minister of Information and Communication, Jesse Chacón, addressed the nation from the presidential palace to announce his resignation, assuming responsibility for the President's remarks yesterday during his Sunday radio and television show when he claimed the soldiers burnt during a bizarre incident in Fort Mara had suffered only minor burns exaggerated by the “coup-mongering” media.

One of the soldiers died last night, and another one is in a coma. Chacón, who had been broadcasting a nationwide program titled "10 minutes with the truth" every day for the last two weeks, apparently failed to inform the president accurately. “I would like, once again, to apologize to those Venezuelans,” Chacon said, “who are still hospitalized in the hospitals of the National Armed Forces, with moderate or grave injuries, and to their family members, if, in any way, the declararations on Sunday made them uncomfortable or made them feel bad. We are really sorry.”

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