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Venezuela: the other burnt soldier is dead

By Daniel Duquenal

Tuesday 4, May 2004 - A couple of hours ago the media announced the death of the other burnt soldier from Fuerte Mara (UNIONRADIO) Angel Ciro Pedreáńez. This is becoming quite a problem for the Chavez administration which is not finding a way to silence this story and make a cover up of sorts.

Already for weeks it has been trying all sorts of suspicious maneuvers. Starting from the famous "alo Presidente" where Chavez stated that the private media was trying to magnify "slight injuries" just to have one soldier die within a few hours, to recent reports of pressure on the relatives.

This death already is spinning quite a weave of controversy. The family learnt about it through the media, not directly from the main attending doctor. This one declared from the "safe" state TV, VTV, instead of declaring to all of the media. The National Guard had to be stopped by the family from taking the body to their autopsy facilities. In other words it is all handled to indicate foul play! Unbelievable!

Meanwhile Chavez keeps criticizing what the US is doing to Iraqi prisoners while he covers up for similar abuses in Venezuela. Maybe he should have watched CNN today...

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