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Venezuela: second day report 3

By Daniel Duquenal

Saturday 29, May 2004 - Guama is a small village West of San Felipe. If during our XIX century civil wars it had a rather violent past with the battle of Guama on September 21 1870, it has become a sleepy and pleasant village of a few thousand people, playing a rather artistic role in Yaracuy with his famous Saman towering and providing shade to one of its square, a favorite target of many a painter. Certainly one of the most handsome villages of Yaracuy, at the foot or the Sierra de Aroa.

The opposition set up shop. This first image is the "meeting room", tabulating results. A simple adobe like structure, ventilation through open blocks instead of windows. You can see the kitchen table meeting, on a plastified table cloth, old metal chairs, a couple of cellular phones, under a RR poster, (Referendum Revocatorio or recall election). This is what has Chavez so scared, for all his armies, dollars and tricks. The people, humble people, organizing themselves, with pen and paper to collect signatures against his rule. >>

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