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Results in Venezuela Repair Process

By Daniel Duquenal

Tuesday 1 June 2.004 - Well, it seems that everybody from Jimmy Carter to the bell hops at his hotel know the results except for Ezequiel Zamora and the readers of this blog. Time to change this. Sorry CNE but really, at 47 hours after closing of the validation centers I think that I can allow myself to publish preliminary results. After all I am not an official news outlet.

Validated 750.576

Withdrawn 89.158

Total added to the signatures already valid 661.418

We have passed the minimal 20% mark by 136.500.

Too big a number for an easy CNE fraud. Perhaps why Chavez has caved in last night during diner with Carter (the other revelation of the day: after last night inspection, Carter went to Miraflores for "diner" with Chavez)

Soon I will post a table state by state

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