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The Recall Election against Chavez in Venezuela has met all its requirements!

By Daniel Duquenal

My appointment has been delayed and I am still at home, right on time to hear the announcement of the CNE and the victory announcement of the Coordinadora Democratica. When I arrived I could already hear cars honking, and fireworks blasting, in my quiet San Felipe.

The CNE has emitted its "partial" announcement (in English). There are already 2.451.821 signatures approved, and 2.436.083 are needed. The tendency is expected to maintain. Thus the 20% required HAS BEEN MET!

With this all parties now publish their estimates. Instantly the Coordinadora Democratica made its victory speech through Enrique Mendoza. They claim 2.569.584 signatures, narrow but strong and exceedingly important considering all the obstacles and the last minute tricks to allow "withdrawals" under obvious pressures.

The State TV, nor the chavista campaign headquarters are saying anything except from a quick note from Jesse Chacon, the communications minister, admitting that the opposition did get the signatures. Their leader will talk tonight.

This is a great day for democracy. In Venezuela and everywhere. The people with a pen and paper can force the might to submit themselves to accounting.

Will they submit?


Brave we are!

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