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Argentina's Patagonia Valley Organic products to be launched in the UK

Press release

London 16 Sep. 04 The exquisite range of products of Patagonia Valley Organic & Gourmet Co. will soon be launched in the UK. Pursuing its commitment to export to European markets, the Argentinean venture shall soon commence trading in the UK by partnering with local operators.

Organic wines, fruit liquors, olive oils, phyto cosmetics, herbs, cheeses, marmalades, clothing, in sum a whole array of organic goods of great quality certified by IFOAM will be made available to UK consumers. The company espouses a co-operative policy thusly contributing with the social, industrial and financial development of the area.

Information with respect to the date in which the line will be presented to the press and industry specialists will be announced soon in Alternatively, further information can be requested at info at

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