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Venezuela: CNE’s Director Sobella Mejias seeks sanctions for President Chavez

By Globovision

27.10.04 - Sobella Mejias, acting director of the National Electoral Council (CNE) board, will denounce before the board and seek to sanction President Chavez for violations to various articles of the Organic Law of Suffrage and Political Participation.

Director Mejias maintains that the CNE should not be silent about the gross violation to article 210 of the said law by Chavez who “has breached the law systematically, insulting publicly regional candidates whose political rights should be respected”.

She added “it seems that the majority of the board (Carrasquero, Rodriguez and Battaglini) have become accomplices of the presidential violations to the law”, further stating that President Chavez should observe the law and lead by example instead of attacking scornfully municipal and regional candidates who oppose him politically.

A short video clip of her public statement can be seen here.

Translated by Aleksander Boyd

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