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Venezuela: Chavez attacks 'nigger' on TV

By Aleksander Boyd

London 27 Oct. 04 – It is truly amusing to see Chavez performing his telethons. Some days ago he got upset in a public speech owing to disrupting shouts and abused supporters of him who were attending the event.

In occasions such as this is when one wishes to hear a coherent explanation from the TransAfrica fellow travellers who so staunchly support the Venezuelan revolutionary president. Not so long ago European and American leftist mouthpieces of the neo fascist regime quickly condemned remarks made with respect to Mugabe’s skin colour posted in the Venezuelan media as racist. Very well then, now I want to hear the same condemnation towards the pariah although I do not set my hopes very high.

Please do follow this link to enjoy the show. Furthermore I would like to invite publicly Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, Bill Fletcher and other activists, black or otherwise, to send comments in that regard.

Who is the racist now?

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