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Regional Elections in Venezuela: Update 6

By Aleksander Boyd

31.10.04 - 11.39 GMT - Delays to open up voting centres. In Maracaibo, voters queueing in Liceo Rafael Maria Baralt have not been able to cast their votes due to absence of electoral authorities manning the centre. The same situation has been reported from Hogar Clinica San Rafael also in Maracaibo. Aracelis Cortes, director of the voting centre Alejo Zuloaga in Valencia declared that polling booths were set up on Friday, however voting has not started due to "logistical problems" (8.640 voters are registered to vote in that centre). In Unidad Educativa San Lucas in Caracas the army prohibited the setting up of TV broadcasting equipment to a Globovision crew due to "security reasons". Said centre has not opened. Of the 11 voting tables of Liceo Schontal in Los Palos Grandes, only 2 are functioning.

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