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Regional Elections in Venezuela: Update 14

By Aleksander Boyd

London 31.10.04 - 23:36 GMT - The scrutiny process has started in some centres. Globovision reports from UD7 in Caricuao a normal and indeed transparent process. Both the media and some voters were allowed into the centre to witness the printing of the tallies from the e-voting machines. At this hour it is not known whether the CNE, in violation to the Organic Law of Suffrage and Political Participation, will impede the presence of interested electors to witness the audit, which has been described by government officials as a separate process not bound by electoral laws. Said audit consists in opening one ballot box per centre and contrast the receipts deposited in the box with the numbers printed in the electronic tally. The LOSPP -article 169- explicitly establishes that scrutiny acts are public. In some areas of East Caracas the army is prohibiting the entrance to precincts where acts of scrutiny are beeing carried out.

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