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Breaking news Venezuela: Silvino Bustillos is alive

By Aleksander Boyd

London 10.11.04 - Retired Colonel Silvino Bustillos who allegedly was kidnapped, tortured and killed by members of Venezuela's Division of Military Intelligence, appeared yesterday in Valencia alive and in good shape.

Manuel Isidro Molina, the journalist who denounced of Bustillos assassination, retracted his statements yesterday in public during the broadcasting of "La Hojilla", opinion programme presented in the State's TV Venezolana de Television.

Guillermo Heredia, lawyer of Silvino Bustillos, informed that the latter, fearing for his life, had travelled to Valencia to hide.

Given the facts, I would like to apologise to readers for having provided misleading information. Furthermore I shall give no excuses, I did wrong and I fully admit that I was only to quick in reacting to the news published by Manuel Isidro Molina.

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