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Definition of Andres Izarra: Venezuela's Information Minister

By Aleksander Boyd

London 11 Nov. 04 – Just heard journalist Manuel Isidro Molina’s declarations, coming out from the Military Tribunal that will see his case, with respect to his previous allegations as to the disappearance and assassination of Silvino Bustillos (still to be seen). Asked about the disrespectful statements towards him uttered by Minister of Information Andres Izarra, Molina said:

Las declaraciones del Ministro de Informacion Andres Izarra me resbalan. El Sr. Izarra esta incapacitado profesional e intelectualmente para entender las complejidades relacionadas con la comunicacion social...

The statements of Information Minister Andres Izarra are utterly irrelevant. Mr Izarra is professional and intellectually incapacitated to understand the complexities of the media…

Needless to say that such definition can be aplied to the whole government apparatus and its foreign ilk in regards to about every other theme.

Hats off to Molina; I have never heard someone in the Venezuelan media assessing so clearly the profile of brat boy Izarra, whose only feat to date has been to ‘wear his heart on his sleeve’ in the fiction drama The Revolution Will Not be Televised.

At last some clear words and integrity coming from a truly committed Venezuelan lifelong lefty. Winds of change?

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