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The truth about Venezuela's Chavez is getting out...

By Aleksander Boyd

London 02.12.04 | Dear readers, this past half hour has been one of the greatest moments in quite sometime. A kind reader sent me a link of a radio programme in Spain, where "el Gorila colorado" [sic] a.k.a. Hugo Chavez is described in great detail. One of the things one does not do is to insult the Spaniards in Spain. Actually there is a postcard that depicts how the perfect European should be. Please note the characterization of the Spaniards and the mention to their humbleness.

In customary style, Chavez came to Spain recently and messed everything up, causing a row of major proportions between the government headed by Zapatero and the opposition.

I highly recommend to listen carefully this audio clip for the first 19 minutes. [In Spanish, Windows media player format] Talking about Venezuela's successful and careful devised foreign policy...

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