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My blog: Secret or Public?

By Miguel Octavio

08.12.04 | I guess soon I will have to find out whether the Web is considered to be private or public. You see, the distinction may become very important soon in the quickie fix up that our illustrious National Assembly is doing on the Penal Code. Rather than expect for the full revision of the code, our emblematic revolutionaries decided to patch it up to make sure that political opposition can be wiped out. Whether my blog is considered public or private is very important according to today’s Tal Cual Editorial. If private, if I were to offend Hugo Chavez, I would be punished with prison between 6 and 30 months, half of that if the offense was “light” (Which is not defined). But, and here is the key to my question, the punishment would be increased by a third if the offense was made in public. >>

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