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Breaking News Venezuela: 16 killed in plane crash in El Junquito

10.12.04 | Globovision reports that a military airplane crashed this morning in El Junquito. All passengers are dead according to firemen chief Juan Carlos Rodríguez.

The plane was en route to Caracas' airport La Carlota. The crash occurred at around 11.15AM. Rescue missions have been deployed but no survivors have been found.

Antonio Rivero, head of "Civil Protection", informed that high rank military officers were among the deceased passengers. The official list of passengers on board is yet to be released.


A source reports that these could be the victims of the plane crash:

General Dubon Torres, chief Inspector of the National Guard
Army General Blondy Serfaty
Captain Jose Salazar
Captain Testari Alcazar
Master Carlos Castillo Zambrano
Sargeant Jesus Paredes
Sub-Lieutenant Sui Arellano
Sargeant Alberto Bautizu
National Guard Colonel Henry Garcia Contreras

Purportedly there are 7 civilians and an underaged among the dead. The registration of the plane was KAE-GN-97121.

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