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Breaking news: Venezuela's electoral roll wiped out

By Aleksander Boyd

London 14.12.04 | Only when I thought that the Chavez regime could not take for a ride my astonishment capacity any longer [packing of the courts, human rights violations, political assassinations, rampant corruption and so on and so forth], I get the news from friends in Mexico city and in Paris that their electoral details have been wiped out from the registry. So I proceed to check my details only to discover that these have also been deleted.

Since I have a copy of the electoral tally produced on August 15, as we voted for the recall referendum here at the consulate, I have checked in the database of the National Electoral Council whether those who manned the voting centre here in London are still registered. Surprise, surprise, even the official witnesses have disappeared from it!!

Why would the electoral lackeys of the tinpot dictator delete the data of the expats, could it be because out here 94% of Venezuelans voted in favour of recalling Chavez? Why the hassle if they rig elections nonetheless? The funniest part is that my mother, who died 21 years ago, still appears registered to vote in Caracas!! One has to crack up with this idiotic 'revolution'...

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