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Some missed deadlines for the Venezuela Government

By Miguel Octavio

03.01.05 | Interesting, it is January 2nd and a number of Government promises for the end of the year 2004, have failed to take place:

- There has been no resolution of the Danilo Anderson case as promised before the end of the year by the Minister of Justice and the Governor of Miranda (Who has no official connection to the case)

- There has been no announcement of a devaluation as announced by the old Minisiter of Finance.

- The new Government airline has yet to fly once.

- We are still waiting for the PDVSA financials.

- By the way, where is Silvino Bustillos?

Oh yes! There is some good news, inflation in December was 1.6% making the year end CPI 19.4%, even below Government estimates. Two caveats about this number: One, it was announced in the morning of the 31st. of Decembers as if the last two days of the years did not matter. Two, foodstuffs were up 28.4% and transportation was up 24.2%, these are the two items in which poor people spend the most money.

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