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Venezuela and Colombia's terrorists falling out?

By A.M. Mora y Leon | The American Thinker

04.01.05 | One of the most odious alliances ever is the apparent hook-up between Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and the FARC Marxist narcotrafficante guerrillas of Colombia For many years now, Venezuela has provided these murderers with a safe haven for rest and recreation, the better to return to Colombia with refreshed energy to slaughter and terrify anew.

Colombia knows very well what is going on, and lately speculation is rife that President Alvaro Uribe, having had enough, sent in Colombian agents to snatch one of these narcotrafficantes off the streets of Caracas, stuff him in a car trunk, and bring him back to Bogota to face justice. The snatched FARC 'chancellor' had been in Caracas to address a local sandalista conference, and Colombian agents, aided by deeply disgusted Venezuelan military, were happy to ship him back to Colombia.

Alek Boyd of Vcrisis has kept a close eye on developments between these radical leftist compaņeros, and notes signs of a falling out, partly over this operation, among other issues. As might be expected in dealings between thugs. The FARC isn't good for anyone, and one wonders whether this could be enough to scare Chavez straight. Stay tuned.

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