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Venezuela's regime: Shooting the messenger

By Scott |

07.01.05 | Venezuelan opposition bloggers, independently financed and edited, are coming under attack in the Venezuelan government run media. Specifically targeted are "Aleksander Boyd in London, Gustavo Coronel in Washington D.C., Daniel Duquenal in Yaracuy, Miguel Octavio in Caracas and A. M. Mora y Leon in the United States of America." The author of a recent article in the government run media service threatens to report these bloggers in what I can only describe as a threat to use the goverment's new suppresive media law to intimidate and stifle legitimate opposition dialogue.

This is an opportune moment for VHeadline and I, myself, to make a call to Minister on Communication & Information, Andres Izarra and the Vice Minister of Communications Strategy, Yuri Pimentel to address this international campaign of opposition attacks on the internet. These people are well-financed and unconditionally committed to the overthrow of the Chavez government by fair means or foul.

For A.M. & Aleksander there's not much the revolution can do to touch them. But for Daniel and Miguel, on the ground in Yaracuy and Caracas, there is a real danger that the government may overreach. Stay tuned to this and the linked Venz blogs above for developments.

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