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Breaking News: Floods in Venezuela [update 1]

By Aleksander Boyd

London 08.02.05 | UPDATE 19.54 GMT | The Guaire river that crosses Caracas from West to East has overflow in various areas: reportedly parts of Antimano, Juan Pablo II, Petare, La California Sur, Plaza Venezuela, Bello Monte and Rio de Janeiro have been inundated. There have been landslides in the Caracas – La Guaira highway.

Victims of flooding from Camuri have been taken to club Playa Azul, located east of the international airport; the scene has been described by some as a sad reminder of the tragic events of December 1999.

Antonio Rodríguez San Juan, governor of Vargas state, has declared a state of emergency due to the torrential downpour of the last 24 hours. Holliday makers in Oricao, west of Maiquetia airport, can not return owing to landslides blocking exit roads.

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