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Venezuela: Three days after floods started the MSM reacts...

By Aleksander Boyd

London 10.02.05 | For the last three days I have been receiving desperate messages from friends, relatives and sources in Venezuela regarding the tragic situation caused by torrential rains. To be frank I am absolutely fabergasted at the slow reaction of the MSM to report on this issue. Only now can one see proper coverage.

Fifteen people have lost their lives and more than 6.000 have been affected. The saviour of the poor and the downtrodden, President Hugo Chavez that is, is yet to appear in public or send some sort of message to the nation in these precarious of hours.

Adding insult to injury, the chavista anglophone propaganda outlets of the regime have maintained a near total blackout editorial line, failing to inform events that are affecting, more than anyone, those they purport to care about and defend.

Flood victims are reportedly trapped in areas of Vargas state where a rescue effort coordinated by private helicopter pilots has been set up. Said effort has not succeeded as it should have due to the faulty state of communications with Maiquetia, the nearest airport.

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