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Identity of FARC leader arrested in Venezuela confirmed

By Alekander Boyd

London 27.02.05 | Remember a couple of days ago I reported about another FARC leader having been arrested in Venezuela? Well in spite of some rather odd changing or articles in Venezuela's official media and backpedalling from ministers, presumably due to this piece of news, colonel Óscar Naranjo director of Colombia's investigative police, confirmed the identity of the detainee as that of FARC leader Gentil Alvis Patiño.

What is it with Venezuela that draws FARC narcoterrorists so much? Not only is Patiño a high ranking member of the FARC, graver still he was purportedly involved in the kidnaping of the mother of Ugueth Urbina and 600 kilos of cocaine were seized in the operation of his arrest. President Chavez and his clueless crowd of followers keep singing "Rodrigo, amigo, el pueblo esta contigo".

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