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Breaking News: US financed the beating to Paraguayan Ambassador to Venezuela...

Editorial | Ultima Hora Digital

16.04.05 | Paraguayan daily Ultima Hora Digital reports that the Venezuelan Ambassador to Paraguay, Mr José Huerta Castillo, has denounced that the USA could have financed the thugs that gave a brutal beating to the Ambassador of that country to Venezuela, Ana María Figueredo, last Thursday. Huerta Castillo first accused members of the opposition to Hugo Chavez to be behind the attack. In declarations given to Paraguayan journalists Ambassador Figueredo stated that request for police protection had been made to Venezuelan authorities six months ago, to no avail. Venezuelan Interior Minister Jessy Chacon affirmed that Ambassador Figueredo had always been protected by a security team.

The attack took place right in front of the Foreign Ministry building in downtown Caracas, where cries for help made by the diplomat were ignored by the staff present at that time.

Translated by Aleksander Boyd

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