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Argentine Picketers Want to Join Venezuela’s Military Reserve

Editorial | Territorio Digital

Posadas (Misiones) | Argentine Republic | 16 April 2005 | An Argentine piketer group this Wednesday stated its intentions of joining Venezuela’s military reserve, whose expansion was announced by President Hugo Chávez in order to defend “sovereignty”.

The picketers of the Movimiento Argentina Rebelde (MAR, leftist) proposed joining as “volunteers of the civilian force, which in Venezuela defends the Bolivarian Revolution”, stated the group in a communiqué.

Chávez assured on 3 April that Venezuela will have available 1.5 million reservists prepared for the national armed force so as to defend “the sovereignty” of her territory.

Daniel Aguirre, leader of the MAR, said he is convinced that "the only sure way to end injustice and misery among our people is socialism."

Groups of picketers, made up of militants, the poor, and the unemployed, announced this Wednesday a march in repudiation of the coup d’état against Chávez in 2002. The MAR is a recently formed spin-off from the opposition group Movimiento Independiente de Jubilados y Desocupados (Independent Movement of the Retired and Unemployed).

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