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Achievements of Cuba's Fidel Castro

By Aleksander Boyd

London 22.04.05 | Fidel Castro lovers the world over must feel ecstatic today after the revered dictator doubled the minimum wage to 225 Cuban pesos which is about $10 [5.22 7.66]. One must pause today in awe at the extraordinary economic achievement of communist Fidel Castro after 46 years in power. Should one consider that education, health care, housing, transport and household items including food are for free in Cuba ten bucks represent a fucking fortune, isn't it? The increase will probably be used by Cubans on booze or buying tulips to the ever decreasing number of jineteras and other sybarite practices.

One must also ponder about the reasons that keep the Ramonets, Gotts, Palasts, Petrases, Samaragoses and other such creatures living in the world's industrialised savagely capitalist horrendously unequal societies in light of the fantastic conditions of the paradise island. Thus I would like to make a serious proposal to them lot; why don't you pack your stuff and move permament and indefinitely to Cuba? At the present rate of 'commercial relationships' between Venezuela and Cuba must probably in six months time the standard of living of the Caribbean eden will surpass Canada, Australia, Norway, Sweeden and the Netherlands.

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