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PDVSA reportedly firing 12,000 workers

By Miguel Octavio | The Devil's Excrement

03.05.05 | In a very strange development that had been rumored for quite a while, El Nacional and Unionradio are reporting that PDVSA is firing 12,000 workers. According to El Nacional PDVSA is paying severance to 12,000 workers under contract of which it may rehire 4,000. According to Unionradio, these are the pro-Chavez workers hired after the strike in 2002-2003. One report claims that they are being fired for carrying out a silent slowdown, while others claim there is simply no work for them due to the drop in production. A union leader says most of these workers were simply hired so that they would vote for Chavez in 2004 and their role has been fuillfilled. All of the workers fired are from the Western region (PDVSA Occidente) of the country.

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